Preparation of a Coffee Market Development Toolkit

The International Coffee Organization - ICO is seeking the services of an individual or team of consultants to prepare a Coffee Market Development Toolkit, which will subsequently be converted into a fully functioning resource that is hosted online and that can be acquired and customized by coffee stakeholders, especially in coffee-producing countries that often lack know-how and resources to increase local demand and access to local markets.  

The Toolkit will build on the existing ICO Step-by-Step Guide to Promote Coffee Consumption in Producing Countries that provides actionable information on the tasks to be undertaken to increase domestic demand for coffee.  

The specific objectives for the Coffee Market Development Toolkit are 

Develop a methodology and set of action-oriented interventions and approaches that can be used to expand domestic consumption in coffee-producing countries and global demand for coffee.

Identify and disseminate information on existing initiatives that benefit the entire coffee value chain, with a primary focus on coffee-producing countries.  

Present interventions, facilitate knowledge sharing and exchange best practices via an easily accessible website.

The application deadline for the tender is September 30, 2021. This assignment is supported by the German Government – BMZ/ GIZ and full tender documents are available on the GIZ website here.