Workstreams are organized according to the thematic areas as identified by the Resolution 465/London Declaration. In forming Workstreams, existing work/initiatives carried out by sector stakeholders will be considered to minimize duplication and the number of groups to be newly formed. In general, the TWs are expected to:

•            Produce technical inputs (e.g. feasibility studies or concept design) required to support the implementation of commitments and concrete actions as per directional guidance of the Task Force.

•            Build on existing initiatives of the coffee industry and other relevant sectors.

•            Present technical reports in Task Force Meetings to provide Sherpas with relevant information to build informed consensus.

•            Establish linkages with other Technical Workstreams to ensure coherence.

The connection between the CPPTF and the Technical Workstreams

The output of the different Technical Workstreams will be used to further develop the CPPTF strategy, as well as provide input into the CPPTF Roadmap, containing timebound actions and commitments to realize the CPPTF long-term vision.

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Update on work of Technical Workstreams:

During the months of August- October 2020 some progress has been made in various of que ‘quick wins’ identified in Technical Workstreams. Additionally, outreach work was carried out to secure the activation of workstreams which so far have not been able to articulate their work and proposals.

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For queries regarding the Council contact credentials@ico.org.  

For queries regarding the Task Force please contact Wolfgang Weinmann (Weinmann@ico.org)

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